Hi, I am Ritika. I am currently working as a Software Developer at Glints, Singapore. I am a web developer and an active Open Source contributor.

I like making things pretty and pink . In case you haven't noticed, I love cats too


Education and Experience

  • Glints, Singapore Software Developer
    Working as a Software Developer in the Career Discovery and Development team.
  • Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology.
    CGPA: 8.81/10
  • Supervise the Open Event project as a mentor during GSoC 2019.
  • NTU, Singapore Research Assistant
    Working on the Verbal part of the lie detection software.
    Objective: To classify a person as deceptive/truthful by performing an automated linguistic analysis on the language used by them (when questioned about a transgression)
  • Worked on the front-end part of the project Open Event of FOSSASIA. The Open Event Project offers event managers a platform to help users organize events including concerts, summits and regular meetups. The components support organizers through all stages from event planning to publishing, marketing and ticket sales. Automated web and mobile apps help attendees to get information easily.
    Stack Used: EmberJS, Semantic UI
  • FOSSASIA Frontend Developer
    Developing the Open Event project of FOSSASIA, improvising the features and helping with the deployment of the web-app.


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